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Floating Calculator

1.21 usd

Tiny calculator that opens as a small window floating over other apps!Perform calculations instantly while browsing the web, reading books, watching movies, playing games or while attending a call!• Standard and Scientific mode. (Swipe left/right to switch views)• Calculate complete expressions. For e.g.: 3+5*6+(123-46)/4+sin(90)*log(100)• Open multiple calculator windows.• You can minimize, maximize, close, move and resize any window just like in PC or MAC.• Pinch to resize windows or drag the bottom right corner to resize.• Minimize the app to floating bubbles and double tap to restore the window.• Maximize the app by double tapping the title bar to use it just like any other app.• Adjust window transparency so that they don't hide the content below.• Start work from where you left - saves expression as you type.• Degree and Radian mode for trigonometric functions.• Results History (Stores expressions and answers. Tap on any answer to use it in expression)• Copy expression and result to clipboard.• Paste expression and results from clipboard.• Share results with other apps.
Please try the FREE version before you buy PRO.For queries, suggestions or to report bugs please drop a mail at